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Selected in the Circuit of the ALTERNATIVE THEATER NETWORK 2019

Piccolo Circo de hilo is the story of a puppet that dreams of being a tightrope walker to go until the moon. It is a story that starts from the end, when the circus closes and this puppet spends time to pose in order and clean, looking for the ancient splendor of the track. With a little fantasy you will transform the most boring occupations into wonderful games and dances that will travel the adventures of the Piccolo Circus around the world, until you reach your dream of being a funambula ... It is a world that has a routine outside the common rules within of a poetic, grotesque, ironic architecture. Everyday objects will be animated and become characters, in a game that recalls the ability, which is only in childhood, to transform the world around us into a fantasy game. Piccolo Circo de hilo is a dance and visual theater play with puppets and mapping for family audiences.

PREMIERE Fira Tàrrega from September 12 to 14, 2014

RE-PREMIERE Can Gassol, Center for the Performing Arts of Mataró on October 20, 2018


Choreography and interpretation Antonella D’Ascenzi

Direction Pasquale Marino

Puppet and object handling advice Jordi Bertran, Cristina Robledillo

Light and sound design Elena Piscitilli

Original set design Oscar Merino González and Antonella D'Ascenzi

Costume design Cristina Robledillo  

Video animation Carlos Rufete

Stage photo Daniela Visciglio, Mary Posa

Music Adrián Berenguer, Circus Marcus.

Construction of objects and puppets Antonella D’Ascenzi

Video recording Ignasi Castañé 

Piccolo Circo1
3. PICCOLO CIRC DE FIL (Antonella D'Ascenzi:RouxX2)
Antonella D'Ascenzi 001
1. PICCOLO CIRC DE FIL (Antonella D'Ascenzi:RouxX2)
6.PICCOLO CIRC DE FIL (Antonella D'Ascenzi:RouxX2)
Antonella D'Ascenzi 005
Dansa20 de diciembre de 20200084
5.PICCOLO CIRC DE FIL (Antonella D'Ascenzi:RouxX2)
Dansa20 de diciembre de 20200147 copia
Antonella D'Ascenzi 003
Antonella D'Ascenzi 004
Dansa20 de diciembre de 20200057 copia
Dansa20 de diciembre de 20200070
Piccolo circo 2

Indoor show

Street show

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cía. Antonella D'Ascenzi
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They said about the work


It was a pleasure to see this work by the Italian dancer resident in Barcelona, ​​Antonella D'Ascenzi [...] a show that touches on a poetic and philosophical high voltage theme. I don't know if the artist is fully aware of what he has in his hands. I think so, since their movements go in this direction. A work of great potential that I would like to see its evolution.


[...] Endowed how is of a technician cemented and of a beautiful and elegant port, her fascination for strings seeks to find this ‘stone filosofal' able to join without joining, to resolve the paradox of the natural oppositions through the emergency of the line creative intersection of the art. [...] A work that goes debugging in the course of time and at which Roma's dancer aims afar, exploring the intersection of these two worlds that adores: the dance and the marionette.


Casa taller de marionetas de Pepe Otal, Barcelona


Taller del Parc y Jordi Bertran, Carlos Lopez y SOS Titelles, Marta Ruiz de Adra Danza (Colombia), Martine Sicard, 2a Mostra Dones i Mans